Non-Proliferation of Nuclear, Chemical Biological Weapons

The Nuclear Proliferation Blog was created as an interactive and timely educational tool that gives you the freedom to publish content on our website. The intent is for you to effectively comment on the topic and provide accurate and factual information to assist our membership in recognizing and resolving issues in government and policy. Your participation with an accurate, appropriate and quality post will help us implement your ideas into our Classrooms, our Facebook Teams and our Advocacy Groups. You are welcome to join in the dialog.

The Citizens Policy Foundation is committed to preventing the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and eventually ridding the planet of these catastrophic weapons. We believe America will be safer in a world with fewer weapons of mass destruction. President Donald Trump encourages the spread of nuclear weapons across Asia and the Middle East, which would weaken the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), and he is unwilling to rule out using a nuclear weapon against ISIS.

The CPF will work to be informed by a new Nuclear Posture Review in determining continued ways to appropriately shape our nuclear deterrent; with the aim of reducing our reliance on nuclear weapons while meeting our national security obligations. Citizens Policy Foundation will also seek new opportunities for further arms control and avoid taking steps that create incentives for the expansion of existing nuclear weapons programs.

You can contribute to this important membership segment of the Citizens Policy Foundation by joining the NO-NUKE Team (NNT) on our Facebook page. Our aim is to provide training in research, education and action, by providing internet forums to communicate information about national, regional, and local activities as well as opportunities set policy, communicates that policy, and actively hear from and interact with elected leaders.

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