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This is an outstanding opportunity to lend your unique expertise to preserve and protect our Democratic system that is currently under siege. This challenge is at a time in history whereas America has been compromised by corrupt officials, a negligent Congress, home grown insurrectionist, Hate politics and foreign government intervention into the electoral process.

The Citizens Policy Foundation is currently seeking  excellent candidates to join our Leadership in the management of a National Web based Public Policy Action Foundation with friends in each of the 50 States and two territories. To join submit your application to be selected as a part of our Leadship Network.

National Leader Council                  

Education Leadership Council

Communications Leadership Council

Advocacy Leadership Council

Media Relations Leadership Council

Women’s Leadership Council

We are a passionate and multi-talented group of dedicated volunteers seeking to expand our internal capacity and abilities. To that end, we are soliciting inquiries from energetic professionals and students with diverse life experiences who would like to join a Leadership Council of an established nonprofit whose work has a national reach and creating an impact…and is also just plain fun!

Council Responsibilities: The opportunity to join a Citizens Policy Foundation Council is both pains taking and rewarding! Prospective members can expect a fast-paced and hands-on Council experience. Council members serve 1-year terms, participate on working committees, provide a positive contribution of personal significance, and are integrally involved in organizational fundraising, development, management and operations. Council members are also expected to attend an annual Council retreat and participate in quarterly Council meetings. Opportunities for greater leadership and Council experience are open to any serving Council member.

Nominate Yourself or a Colleague Today!

Interested in joining?  Please fill out an Leadership application :

Your interests in becoming a Council member,

  1. Any previous or current Council experience (nonprofit or private),
  2. Which of the skills and experience categories listed above match your expertise,
  3. When you would be available to be serve on a Council.
  4. Please also send a current resume.
  5. You can substitute a Video explaining your skill set.

If you would like to recommend a colleague, friend, relative or neighbor who you think is a great match, please share this announcement with them, have them contact us via phone or email, or share their contact information with us…we’re happy to contact them directly.

Qualifications, Strong applicants should have:

  • Professional experience with demonstrated leadership accomplishments in education, business, government, philanthropy, Media Relations, Advocacy or the nonprofit sector
  • Strong strategic planning and problem-solving skills
  • Commitment to help fundraise for the organization: individual solicitations; corporate gifts and sponsorships, underwriting, donations of goods, and sponsorships; grant writing; and/or new ideas!
  • Savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals
  • Passion for progressive politics with an understanding of and appreciation for all cultures, and a high degree of personal competence.
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for working for a more inclusive America with an emphasis on communication, education, and progressive advocacy.

If you are interested in serving on a Leadership Council but would first like to simply join a working committee, please let us know.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Glenn Phillips, Leadership Council Director at the Citizens Policy Foundation: mailto:info@citizenspolicyfoundation.org

We look forward to your involvement!

The Facebook Team Leadership

How Teams Work

You can contribute to this important membership segment of the Citizens Policy Foundation by joining one of our many Teams trying to change America. Our aim is to provide training in Common Sense Policy and Government excellence.   We will provide opportunity to work together by providing internet forums designed to solve problems and work toward communicating information about national, regional, and local activities as well as opportunities to set policy, communicate that policy, and actively hear from and interact with elected leaders.

We will engage in a wide array of educational, communications, advocacy, and political activities to ultimately have a positive influence on the politically charged environment. We provide you with substantive educational activities, opportunity to have local, regional and national discussions in private Groups and Teams and most importantly providing  opportunity for grass root and national activism. We encourage you to help shape  policy and educatoinal activities.  You will learn to share in presenting policy initiatives, and having the opportunity to raise political awareness, cultivate new members, participate in agenda lead internet committees, and participate in one on one conferences with policy and political leaders.


Information Access

Tools and Resources for  Advocates, Teachers, Team Leaders

We live in the information age, with access to many wonderful Internet resources that are just a few quick clicks away. For this reason, you might be thinking, "Cool!". We think so too.

The Citizens Policy Foundation Resource Center is an important hub for you and many others to have the information necessary to fight for what is right. We provide our membership with the tools and resources to make well informed decisions. We provide access to our Education, Communicate and Advocacy teams that are located on our independent Facebook page.  Joining our team gives you the resources to professionally articulate our organizational goals.

Together with your friends, you can conduct research and find information on a wide variety of resources and information. You will have access to dozens of Universities and access to every federal and state government organization, or you can watch a Video and read the current news.

Here are some of the materials we currently have available:

In addition there are publications, manuals, videos and media links.

Our Educational Center supports the CPF mission to produce literate and informed citizens who can thrive in a digital, knowledge-based world and moves our agenda of advocating for a better future.

We provide 21st-century classrooms, a wide variety of resources, communications platforms that provide the tools, knowledge, information and technology for use in our Education, Communication and Advocacy network. Join Us!



Citizen's Policy Foundation cannot do the good work we need so much without leaders - people like you!

Many want to help, but only a select few can lead. As a member of the Leadership Council, you'll take an active role in setting direction, making decisions, and guiding volunteers in work that really matters.

With your help, we'll build an organization and create a legacy for the future too.

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