You Are The Advocate


Join Us! Use your Advocacy and Media Relations skills to help others to stand and fight for what is right!

Our Country needs a Voice! That Voice needs to be you!

Speak up for and defend the rights of all people, engage with the public and make your voice heard.

WE are looking for friends to advocate and help our Media relations professionals, You must possess clarity of purpose, be an independent thinker and believe in equal opportunity. You can contribute to an important membership segment of the Citizens Policy Foundation by joining the Advocacy/ Media Relations Leadership Council or one of the Advocacy / Media Relations Teams online. Our aim is to organize an indepent nationally recognized Advocacy and Media Relations  team on Facebook.

These Teams will engage in a wide array of political activities, providing our friends with substantive information, discussion, and opportunity for action. Our goal is to build relationships with the media, Government officials, and officials at the local, state and national level.

If you have skills in presenting policy initiatives, making opportunities to raise political awareness, and are willing to participate in our Team process we need you to participate today!

Advocate/Media Relations Teams need: Team Leaders and team members that possess the following characteristics:

  • Be able to speak or write in support or defense of any person or cause
  • Understand that they have a responsibility; first and foremost, to those they assist
  • Know how to persevere, but also know when it’s an appropriate time to try to reach a compromise; always keeping in mind who they are there for and what they are trying to accomplish
  • Have all of the facts on both sides of any issue to gain and maintain credibility
  • Deliver a clear and concise message – Government officials, the press and the general public do not have time for long-winded conversations or documents—you need to get to your point quickly and concisely
  • Follow up with all people who attend meetings who might have concerns or questions.

Leadership Team Application

Advocate Team Application     

Volunteer Team Application

Advocacy Leadership

How You Advocate for change

Goal: To engage friends of our community, the state and the nation to take an active role in helping to build a better America by educating the public, national decision makers that integrity, honesty, knowledge, and positive communication are the keys to a successfull government. We invite you to participate in an engaging and meaningful community service program that:

Demonstrates civic engagement and social responsibility

  • Encourages leadership skills through “project management” opportunities
  • Promotes teamwork, collaboration and creative problem-solving
  • Connects you directly with the Elected government officials
  • Offers direct mentoring with seasoned non-profit and educational professionals
  • Offers opportunity for hands-on work in Policy implementation management and Fund Raising
  • Enables you to  help build our non-profit organization for your Legislative district, our State, and the Union
  • Introduces you to many facets of Political Policy development, marketing, communications and fundraising

Program course:

  • Work with team leaders to educate State Legislative leaders, and your commuinty
  • Plan and operate Citizens Policy Foundation activity in your community
  • Blog weekly about your experience and conveying the agendas’ for committee meetings on our CPF Update Blog
  • Continue to participate at flagship events throughout the year

Citizens Policy Foundation leadership Council and Team Leaders are expected to participate as Project Leaders at the Foundation’s flagship events. Council members’ successfully completing the Leadership courses and committee leadership will:

  • Receive official designation as a Leadership Council  Member
  • Eligible for a continuing leadership role at the Citizens Policy Foundation, such as
  • Help recruit and train incoming CPF members throughout the year
  • Be an Ambassador at special public functions
  • Meet and tour visiting dignitaries, Visit Washington D.C. to directly educate Congressional Representatives’

Media Relations

Help us get our message heard


You can contribute to this important membership segment of the Citizens Policy Foundation by joining the Media Relations Leadership Council, becoming a Media Team Leader, or managing a blog within our Website. Our aim is to provide internet Teams to communicate information about national, regional, and local activities as well as opportunities set policy, communicate that policy, and actively communicate and engage in educating your elected leaders.

Our Media Relations community is engaged in a wide array of political activities, providing our members with substantive information, discussion and action opportunities. Your Media Relations activities will include a monthly newsletters, live podcasts, public access, social media, editorial presentations, talk radio, and TV. You will actively share/present policy initiatives, public policy editorial, lead internet committees, and participate in conference calls with policy and political leaders.

Quick Tips for Building and maintaining Good Media Relations:

  • Get to know your media sources, and help them get to know you before a breaking news event happens.
  • Constantly maintain relationships with your sources. Be sure reporters, editors, and producers in your region have your contact information. Make sure your voicemail includes an after-hours number so they know you are accessible. Ask for periodic face-to-face meetings. Attend press events.
  • Be sure you have the direct phone lines and e-mail addresses of key media sources.
  • Know your subject, including their numbers! Know why your subject is important to the community and what our foundation is doing about it. Make sure reporters know they can turn to you for help with a story or a breaking news event.
  • Know the difference between coverage and collaboration. Work for the former, don’t expect the latter. Reporters appreciate a good source, but they aren’t looking for partners.


Information Access

Tools and Resources for  Advocates, Teachers, Team Leaders

We live in the information age, with access to many wonderful Internet resources that are just a few quick clicks away. For this reason, you might be thinking, "Cool!". We think so too.

The Citizens Policy Foundation Resource Center is an important hub for you and many others to have the information necessary to fight for what is right. We provide our membership with the tools and resources to make well informed decisions. We provide access to our Education, Communicate and Advocacy teams that are located on our independent Facebook page.  Joining our team gives you the resources to professionally articulate our organizational goals.

Together with your friends, you can conduct research and find information on a wide variety of resources and information. You will have access to dozens of Universities and access to every federal and state government organization, or you can watch a Video and read the current news.

Here are some of the materials we currently have available:

In addition there are publications, manuals, videos and media links.

Our Educational Center supports the CPF mission to produce literate and informed citizens who can thrive in a digital, knowledge-based world and moves our agenda of advocating for a better future.

We provide 21st-century classrooms, a wide variety of resources, communications platforms that provide the tools, knowledge, information and technology for use in our Education, Communication and Advocacy network. Join Us!



Citizen's Policy Foundation cannot do the good work we need so much without leaders - people like you!

Many want to help, but only a select few can lead. As a member of the Leadership Council, you'll take an active role in setting direction, making decisions, and guiding volunteers in work that really matters.

With your help, we'll build an organization and create a legacy for the future too.

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