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Fighting For Change

Before you can effectively stand and fight, you must know what you’re fighting for and what you will be going up against. In our Learning Center you can use a variety of tools that include; online Classes, Seminars, Podcasts and several libraries. First we suggest that you take time to read the constitution, something very few Americans have ever done. Study history because the consequences of those who seek power and those who resisted them is one that demands attention. Read The Declaration of Independence to understand the struggle and the revolutionary spirit that overcame tyranny. Stay informed about current events, read scholarly journals, take online classes at a Community College or a University, learn to effectively use the Internet. Our goal is to provide training in research, education, communications and action, providing you with the tools you need to exercise your right as a citizen. Once you have honed your skills you will have the opportunity to communicate effectively and advocate for the Citizens Policy Foundation, your local community and our nation. Please take the time to join one of our many teams and engage with America.

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How You Can Participate

Our  goal is to provide all people the tools necessary to effectively communicate with and influence your elected officials utilizing our Education, Communications and Advocacy Team program. That goal begins with our Citizens Policy Foundation Education Center. The center is available to all members, contributors, collaborators and volunteers. This Center provides an unparalleled collection of educational data and tools for our members’ use in developing our strategies and policies. All educational center information is carefully curated for accuracy and relevance in science, math, economic policy, and most importantly the facts. Facebook Team Members can use these tools to understand government structure and learn how our national, state, and local governments work. We provide access to online classes, webinars, power points, video, forums and blogs. We give you access to current research, university library systems and publicly available information relating to Federal and State policy. You’ll have access to all state constitutions, legislators and Governors. Here you’ll have the ability to share tactics and information with fellow members and discuss policy with community organizers from across the country.      Join Us


Online Class Education Center 


 Moral Foundations of Politics                  Lost Art of Democratic Debate   


Introduction to Political Philosophy         Politics and Media Freedom    


Environmental Poltics and Law                 Voting access and Fraud


How the U. S. Government works             Becoming an Effective Leader



Information Access

Tools and Resources for  Advocates, Teachers, Team Leaders

We live in the information age, with access to many wonderful Internet resources that are just a few quick clicks away. For this reason, you might be thinking, "Cool!". We think so too.

The Citizens Policy Foundation Resource Center is an important hub for you and many others to have the information necessary to fight for what is right. We provide our membership with the tools and resources to make well informed decisions. We provide access to our Education, Communicate and Advocacy teams that are located on our independent Facebook page.  Joining our team gives you the resources to professionally articulate our organizational goals.

Together with your friends, you can conduct research and find information on a wide variety of resources and information. You will have access to dozens of Universities and access to every federal and state government organization, or you can watch a Video and read the current news.

Here are some of the materials we currently have available:

In addition there are publications, manuals, videos and media links.

Our Educational Center supports the CPF mission to produce literate and informed citizens who can thrive in a digital, knowledge-based world and moves our agenda of advocating for a better future.

We provide 21st-century classrooms, a wide variety of resources, communications platforms that provide the tools, knowledge, information and technology for use in our Education, Communication and Advocacy network. Join Us!



Citizen's Policy Foundation is an organization of people like you, people who care.

Please consider becoming a volunteer today, there are so many ways your talents and hard work can make a difference, something to be proud of always.

See the ways you can get involved by choosing your cause below - in unity is our strength.

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