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Who We Are

The Citizens Policy Foundation is a Think Tank of nonpartisan intellectuals that promote research, education, participation, and advocacy devoted to shaping a compelling progressive agenda and message. We strive to open up your mind to new thinking and bold reforms within our politically charged electoral system. You will work on topics such Women’s Rights, Climate Change, Minority protections, affordable health care, access to the voting booth, access to your elected officials, access to higher education, retirement security, improved public infrastructure, living wages, healthy workplaces, fair trade, a clean environment with renewable energy.

Through our Website, our Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube. We are acting as a convener of progressive leadership to encourage the adoption of a common sense policy agenda and a message so that your collective voice echo powerfully. Each day we equip Americans with the tools and information needed to drive issues into the national debate, challenge failed conservative policies and build support for the progressive vision of a government that is on the side of working people.

We are also an incubator of national campaigns in which progressives independently join together to form policies that advance economic prosperity and opportunity for lower and middle-income Americans.  Our Think Tank is uniquely positioned to play a key role in shaping the next phase of the debate on where America is headed and what works for American families.

About our Organization

We live in a remarkable political moment: precarious, yet potentially transforming. At the Citizens Policy Foundation, our daily work is to bring about the progressive transformation by providing a platform for you to learn, participate in Team and Group activities, and communicate your message to your elected officials throughout the country using our Educational, participatory, and communications platforms that allow you and your friends and family to actively work together on specific issues and concerns. You choose what topics you want to work on. After three decades of conservative dominance in American politics, we Americans are threatened with economic disintegration, health care obliteration, environmental devastation and international isolation. The list of government and electoral failures are simply exhausting: a destabilized federal government, our broken health care system, persistent threats of terrorism, a menacing climate crisis, the threat of nuclear proliferation, an insecure and dwindling energy supply, unprecedented trade deficits, unchecked global corporate power, a weakened pension system and an increasingly inaccessible higher education system. But out of the ashes of this era of conservative failure comes an historic opportunity for progressives to salvage the American Ideal and shape this young century.

That’s where you come in. The Citizens Policy Foundation center for the progressive movement is ideally organized to help average citizens. Our goal is to forge the enduring progressive majority needed to realize the America of shared prosperity and equal opportunity that our country was meant to be.

To attain our ultimate goal, we spearhead a compelling progressive agenda that addresses the issues working families face. We regularly convene and educate progressive thinkers, organizers and community activists so your voices will be coordinated, cogent and potent. We incubate national campaigns on the critical issues that will define America for generations to come.

Americans have had it with tired conservative politics that divide us, an economy that squeezes us, a foreign policy that weakens us and a government that serves few of us.

But while conservatism may be exhausted, as progressives we are just getting started. The Citizens Policy Foundation center is driving our progressive movement and offering the new vision, bright ideas and bold leadership Americans rightly demand.

We are showing the way toward accessible education, affordable health care and secure retirements for all. Toward a clean energy future. Toward the responsive and responsible government needed for all of us to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We cannot let the conservative failure that brought us to this precarious moment tip America into another Gilded Age and leave the world at the mercy of unaccountable multinationals, oil-drenched autocrats and merchants of terrorism. It’s your job to turn this precarious moment into a prosperous progressive era. Our country needs a voice, it needs to be you! 

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Common Resolve Community

Community participation!

The Citizens Policy Foundation stands with all American communities in the struggle for equality and the enduring struggle to perfect our nation. We provide all individuals with the equal opportunity to join our community. You are welcome to share in our endeavor!

Common values and concerns such as equality, family, health care, jobs, and education unite The Citizens Policy Foundation members everywhere. Our membership working together with local, regional and national representatives will tirelessly advance common sense solutions on a wide range of issues that matter most to a majority of Americans. Every sector of our country has been shaken by the electoral crisis, and every demographic group felt the impact. But the crisis has had an especially brutal impact on minority communities—communities that were already struggling now have a chance at success.

The Citizens Policy Foundation wants to create the opportunity for you to share in the growth and prosperity that has been in the past been advanced for just a privileged few. We are working to education you and your community and create new opportunities for minority businesses, reinvest in our schools, make college more affordable, and expand opportunities for all Americans.

You can contribute to this important segment of the Citizens Policy Foundation by joining one of our many group, teams, round tables trying to change America. Our aim is to provide training in Common sense, Policy formation and Government integrity.   We will provide opportunity to work together by providing internet platforms designed to solve problems and work toward communicating information about national, regional, and local activities as well as opportunities to set policy, educate our elected officials with your developed policy’s, and actively hear from and interact with those leaders.

You can engage in a wide array of educational, participatory, advocacy, and political activities to ultimately have a positive influence on the politically charged environment. We will be providing you with substantive educational activities, opportunity to have local, regional and national discussions in private forums and most importantly providing grass root and national educational activist resources. This includes an annual issues conference, regional events that share/present policy initiatives, opportunities to raise political awareness, cultivate new members, participate in agenda lead internet committees, and participate in one on one conferences with policy and political leaders.


Integrity Project

The Citizens Policy Foundation Integrity Project attempts to merge the gap between traditional American advocacy and contemporary strategy and tactics. The Citizens Policy Foundation is the first nonpartisan membership led Think Tank. We’re using the Internet to organize, educate and advocate, to open up the political process and give every single American—Democrat, Republican, independent, and nonaffiliated citizens—the power to address our nation’s problems locally, within your state, nationally in your Congresspersons office and in Washington DC. Your voice matters. You deliberate the issues. You determine the solutions in a secure,  community based Internet platform, you will gain the education, participate in one of many community based teams. Then as a group you can educate your community and your elected officials with factually based solutions to major problems that affect every congressional district, and every community.

The Citizens Policy Foundation is a hands-on public policy, educational foundation that provides an indepentent platform. Operated by groups of partners, associates and  independent facilitators’, we as a team will develop unique and individualized government relations strategies with a membership lead agenda. We are progressives, Independents, moderates, and liberals. We are motivated by the inability of our government to operate as a representative democracy.


Team and Leadership Member Profile


We are Citizens; we are cooperative, fair, and honest. We are determined to build a better America – with tools which include researching, training in communications, leadership, policy formation, and advocacy techniques while educating government officials and educating citizens to exercise their rights. The Citizens’ Policy Foundation is a hands-on public policy, educational foundation operated by a team of partners, associates and members, we as a team will develop unique and individualized government relations strategies with a membership lead agenda. We are progressives, Independents, moderates, and liberals. We are motivated by the inability of our government to operate as a representative democracy.


WE ARE CONCERNED solely with the impartial protection of the American people’s rights by creating a citizens’ policy network, training citizens, researching policies, developing national policy objectives, independently educating federal, and state elected officials, and performing Policy Action Committee (PAC) activities with your active involvement. The Citizens’ Policy Foundation will train you to research, develop educational skills and take action. We will work to ensure that your elected government fairly and honestly represents the American people. Our program goal is to create a membership that is educated.  Once educated and fully aware of the challenges, you will move to action and influence the politically charged electoral system with research based fact and well-reasoned policy positions.


We will provide the opportunity for Web-based and site based training, hands-on experience working with high-level Congressional representatives and staff members. Provide a National, regional and local opportunity to present factual based testimony on relevant issues.

The unique mission of The Citizens Policy Foundation is to allow the largest segment of the American population, including all individuals, whether woman or men, and all cultural and ethnic groups of Americans who agree with progressive Intelligence based public policy to lead the narritive.

The Citizens Policy Foundation will undertake research, education participation and communication focused on restoring integrity to our government and business. We will protect your rights as citizens of the United States of America to be reasonable, fair, and tell truths. The Citizens Policy Foundation with your independent leaadership will ensure that our elected government fairly and honestly represents the American people. Our program goal is to create an independent membership that is educated and disciplined. Once educated, you will move to action to change and influence the politically charged electoral system.


Students & Student Leaders

Students Activision

Citizens Policy Foundation is looking for students and leaders who are driven to make a difference in their communities and our nation. We are looking for people who believe whole-heartedly in research, education and sanity within an effective government. If you are determined, principled, and committed, Citizens Policy Foundation is looking for you.

Why the Citizens Policy Foundation Internship?

Completing an internship with Citizens Policy Foundation will present you with many opportunities to work and interact with a variety of people with unique political and government backgrounds. Our volunteer staff includes former leaders in government, the community and business and staff with experience in advocacy, community relations, marketing and new media.  Citizens Policy Foundation’s Training Center provides a unique opportunity to meet and build relationships with people who are just beginning their political careers, and the experienced individuals who are helping them get started. Working with Citizens Policy Foundation will give you an insider’s view into the worlds of politics and non-profit management, and experience to add to your resume before you begin your job search. Citizens Policy Foundation internships are available year-round, and we will work with you and your school to receive course credit for your time with us.

What will you do at Citizens Policy Foundation?

  • Research: Election laws; state and local government transparency; state and local government structures; local government actions and budgets.
    • Requires: Excellent problem solving skills and persistence in tracking down information.
  • Writing: Manuals for training; articles for websites; contributions to our Teams onFacebook, Writng for Twitter, reports for requested information.
    • Requires: Great communication and writing skills.
  • Event Planning: Citizens Policy Foundation regularly holds training events on our Educational platform. We intend to participate in conferences and hold fundraisers in various locations across the country. This requires organized and detailed planning of events, for various sized groups of people, in different kinds of platforms and facilities.
    • Requires: Attention to detail, clear thinking and clear communication with our educational platform and potential facilities.
  • Website Office Logistics: Data management; teaching, communicating and educating others about the cause. Meeting with candidates and community activists; performing general office duties (answering phones, filing, gathering information).
    • Requires: Initiative, persistence, multi-tasking.
  • Learn, A LOT: How to become a committee contributor; how to use new media (Face book, Twitter, blogs) to hold government accountable and communicate your views; about the political environment in your state and region; how local governments in your area operate; what the local government has been doing and how they spend their money (your money).
  • Student Citizen Lobbyist: Our newest program, targeting political activism on and off the college campus, is off to a running start. You will be a campus liaison, helping to connect the Citizens Policy Foundation with other college groups, plan Campus student events, and participate in trainings, maybe on your campus!
  • HAVE FUN: Our staff is very close and loves what they do. Politics doesn’t have to be boring and dull. We take a fresh approach to advocacy and government and we hope you will join us for the ride!

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rules and regulations

Membership and Community

The Citizens Policy Foundation is nonpartisan in its approach, though the majority tends to support a Progressive agenda. We are a nonprofit organization and our entire operation depends on your help. It is paramount that all participants, including Leadership Council Members, Team Leaders, Team Members and Faculty are encouraged to accept our established standard of conduct. This standard of conduct is necessary to fulfill our ethical obligation of the operations of our Website and other Internet operations. Our membership is strongly urged to comply with our Code of Ethics, Internet Code of Conduct and the Advocate Code of Conduct. We seek to always practice the highest ethical conduct in all endeavors. We request that each individual member of the Citizens Policy Foundation affirm their commitment to abide by the Codes and Ethics statements below.

The Citizens Policy Foundation is an independent, tax-exempt institution 501C3. Citizens Policy Foundation relies on the private financial support of the general public—individuals, and foundations, for its income, and accepts no Corporate funds and performs no contract work. . Citizens Policy Foundation is striving to be one of the nation’s largest public policy research organizations.

The Citizens Policy Foundation Professional Ethics & Standards Committee is responsible for overseeing these Code of Ethics programs and for providing guidance as to ethical behavior of the CPF membership. Volunteers welcome!


Citizen's Policy Foundation is an organization of people like you, people who care.

Please consider becoming a volunteer today, there are so many ways your talents and hard work can make a difference, something to be proud of always.

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