Join Us!  Take a stand for Justice and Fairness. Be a part of the fight for what is right by influencing the decisions our elected officials make!

Are you the person who speaks up for and defends the rights of all people, can engage the public and make your voice heard then Citizens Policy Foundation needs you!

Citizens Policy Foundation is looking for people to take action, who possess clarity of purpose, are an independent worker and believes in equal opportunity. 

We’re looking for people with the following characteristics:

  • Be able to speak or write in support or defense of any person or cause
  • Understand that they have a responsibility; first and foremost, to those they assist
  • Know how to persevere, but also know when it’s an appropriate time to try to reach a compromise; always keeping in mind who they are there for and what they are trying to accomplish
  • Have all of the facts on both sides of any issue to gain and maintain credibility
  • Deliver a clear and concise message – Government officials, the press and the general public do not have time for long-winded conversations or documents—you need to get to your point quickly and concisely
  • Follow up with all people who attend meetings who might have concerns or questions

The friends of the Citizens Policy Foundation consist of progressives, Independents, moderates, and liberals and all must be included in the programs you develop.

The Citizens Policy Foundation share common values and priorities, including supporting our families, protecting our country, and advancing the issues that matter to citizens of all ages and ethnicities.  Across the country the Citizens Policy Foundation, leaders will work tirelessly to advance the progress for all citizens in every respect.

Advocates & Media Relations

Become an Advocate Today

Join an independent Advocacy Team, that communicates directly with your community, your elected officials and the media. Our Advocacy Team goals are to provide the results of our research and communication on key policy issues and then effectively delivering logical solutions based on the Facts.

Help us build a National Advocacy Network that cooperatively perform timely, accurate, research and education on key policy issues and effectively delivers reasonable solutions to the Public, our government, and Local communities

The Advocacy Team Forum is the boots-on-the-ground group that communicates directly between our friends, elected officials and communities. Each Advocacy Team will create an ACTION PLAN based on the majority consensus of the Communication / Policy teams. The ACTION PLAN will support the accepted Team position on all related policy determinations. The Advocacy Team’s responsibility is to educate your community and your elected representatives with the latest research, policy analyses and facts based on legitimate information. Advocates will make individual visits, create legislation, attend marches and town hall meetings, write position papers, create local press releases, editorials, create videos and pod casts. Every district should have an Advocate Team in the states in which they’re registered to vote. Join an Advocacy Team in your community or Congressional district today. Join Us


Information Access

Tools and Resources for  Advocates, Teachers, Team Leaders

We live in the information age, with access to many wonderful Internet resources that are just a few quick clicks away. For this reason, you might be thinking, "Cool!". We think so too.

The Citizens Policy Foundation Resource Center is an important hub for you and many others to have the information necessary to fight for what is right. We provide our membership with the tools and resources to make well informed decisions. We provide access to our Education, Communicate and Advocacy teams that are located on our independent Facebook page.  Joining our team gives you the resources to professionally articulate our organizational goals.

Together with your friends, you can conduct research and find information on a wide variety of resources and information. You will have access to dozens of Universities and access to every federal and state government organization, or you can watch a Video and read the current news.

Here are some of the materials we currently have available:

In addition there are publications, manuals, videos and media links.

Our Educational Center supports the CPF mission to produce literate and informed citizens who can thrive in a digital, knowledge-based world and moves our agenda of advocating for a better future.

We provide 21st-century classrooms, a wide variety of resources, communications platforms that provide the tools, knowledge, information and technology for use in our Education, Communication and Advocacy network. Join Us!



Citizen's Policy Foundation is an organization of people like you, people who care.

Please consider becoming a volunteer today, there are so many ways your talents and hard work can make a difference, something to be proud of always.

See the ways you can get involved by choosing your cause below - in unity is our strength.

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