Health Care and Affordable Care Act

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The Citizens Policy Foundation and the majority of Americans believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and our healthcare system must put people before profits. Thanks to the hard work of Vice President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress, they took a critically important step toward the goal of universal healthcare by passing the Affordable Care Act, which has covered 29 million more Americans and ensured millions more will never be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. The CPF along with Democrats will never falter in our generations-long fight to guarantee healthcare as a fundamental right for every American.

For more than a decade, Republicans have sought to destroy the signature achievement of the Obama administration – the Affordable Care Act.
Exactly one week after election day, they might succeed. After an election season like no other, in the middle of a pandemic, the supreme court will hear a case that could result in 20 million Americans losing their insurance, along with a raft of other insurance benefits disappearing from American life. Or not.

The Citizens Policy Foundation believes that we all have a part to play in promoting universal healthcare for all Americans. Being stronger together means finally achieving that goal. We are going to fight to make sure every American has access to quality, affordable healthcare. We will tackle the problems that remain in our healthcare system, including cracking down on runaway prescription drug prices and addressing mental health with the same seriousness that we treat physical health.

You can contribute to this important membership segment of the Citizens Policy Foundation by joining the Health Care Team (HCT) on our Facebook page. Our aim is to provide training in research, education and action, by providing internet forums to communicate information about national, regional, and local activities as well as opportunities set policy, communicates that policy, and actively hear from and interact with elected leaders.

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