Elections and Voting

This Elections and Voting Blog was created as an interactive and timely educational tool that gives all members the freedom to publish content on the Foundation’s website. The intent is for you to effectively comment on the Blog’s specific topic. Your participation with an appropriate and quality post will help us in implementing your ideas into our Classrooms, our Facebook Teams and our Advocacy Groups. Please provide us with accurate and factually based information.

The Citizens Policy Foundation will fight for voting rights year-round, and we will make voter protection an integral part of our work. We are making progress, but we won’t stop working to promote a system of elections that is accessible, open, and fair—one that ensures that every vote lawfully cast is counted.

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the coverage formula used for Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which required jurisdictions with significant histories of voter discrimination to “pre-clear” any new voting practices or procedures, i.e., get federal approval from the Department of Justice, and show that they do not have a discriminatory purpose or effect. In 2013, the Supreme Court crippled one of the most effective protections for the right to vote — the Voting Rights Act — a historic law passed in 1965 to curb race-based voter discrimination and guarantee all Americans the equal right to vote. We need to fight to get Congress to pass the bipartisan Voting Rights Advancement Act.

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