Our Economy and the Budget

The Citizens Policy Foundation believes that we all have a part to play in promoting economic fairness. The CPF will fight against the greed and recklessness of Wall Street; will work to push for investments to spur the creation of millions of jobs for our young people, which in turn will stimulate the economy. The CPF will continue to work against the new budget plan which comes with a bad mix of tax hikes, spending cuts and other unpopular measures.

The CPF will continue to vigorously work towards greater freedom and equality in America.

You can contribute to this important membership segment of the Citizens Policy Foundation by joining the Budget Economy Team (BET) on our Facebook page or website. Our aim is to provide training in research, education and action, by providing internet forums to communicate information about national, regional, and local activities as well as opportunities set policy, communicates that policy, and actively hear from and interact with elected leaders.

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